Inspired by a real pup

and founded by life-long dog lover and designer, Andrea Stadelman, Pequeno & Co. began as a creative outlet. Meet Franklin (left), a quirky Portuguese Podengo from California. Like many dog parents, we talk to our pup all day long and, over time, we began having make-believe conversations with him about his Portuguese heritage and what it was like to grow up in Porto (a coastal city in Portugal where we mused he was actually from). This inspired playful stories about Franklin (who now goes by the pseudonym, Pablo), in addition to other dog breeds and their unique cultures. Pequeno & Co. goods are meant to be educational, playful, and visually beautiful. Over time, we plan to expand our line of children’s books and add additional items like puzzles and games. We’re just getting started, so contact us with what you’d love to see next!